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  1. The Meaning of Political Parties
  2. The Organization of Political Parties
  3. Characteristics or Features of a Political Party
  4. The Functions of Political Parties
  5. Types of Political Parties

The Meaning of Political Parties

Political parties can be seen as an organization of citizens bound together by common interest in the nation’s politics, and having the desire to contest elections with the aim of forming government. It can also be seen as organized groups of people that share common political beliefs, values, philosophies, ideologies and interest with the motive of contesting and winning elections so as to control the machinery of government. Furthermore political parties can also be refer to as organize group of individuals who share same political ideologies, beliefs, and interests and who are seeking to win elections and control the state power and machinery of government. That is to say, a political party is a group of dedicated people who come together to win elections, operate the government, and determine public policy.

For any political party to contest for election in Nigeria, it must meet the electoral requirements and conditions as stipulated in the electoral act and constitution and must have registered with independent national electoral commission (INEC).

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