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  1. The Concept of Power
  2. The Concept of Authority
  3. The Differences between Power and Authority

The Concept of Power

The Meaning of Power

Power can simply be defined as the ability to make others to do what ordinarily they would not have done. It can also be seen as the ability to exercise control over the actions of others. According to Keith Dowding, power is the ability to influence or control the behavior of people. Power therefore revolves around the ABILITY to command others.

The Forms of Power

There are numerous forms of power, which include:

  1. Political power: This entails the type of power exercised by political office holders, such as the president, governors, ministers, commissioners, etc. The major instruments of political power are the arms of government.
  1. Economic power: This is the type of power that emanates from the wealth and influence an individual, group or nation is possesses.
  1. Physical/Naked power: This is the type of power exhibited by people who are physically well built and muscular.

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