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  1. Precolonial Political Administration in Yorubaland (Old Oyo Empire)
  2. Organs/Political Institutions of the Yoruba Precolonial Political System
  3. Features of the Traditional Yoruba Political System


Precolonial Political Administration in Yorubaland (Old Oyo Empire)

It was generally believed that the Yoruba people migrated into Nigeria from Upper Egypt under their powerful father, Oduduwa. They occupied the Western part of Nigeria and the system of government practiced was monarchical in nature regarded as centralized administration ruled by king with the assistance of other chiefs. It is important to note that the Yoruba pre-colonial administration was not highly centralized compared to Hausa/Fulani system. The reason being that the Oba is not an absolute ruler and there is the principle of checks and balances. Examples of Yoruba kingdoms include the Oyo kingdom, Ijesha, Ilesha, Ijebu, Abeokuta, etc. In this case, Oyo Empire will be taken as a case study.

The system of government of old Oyo Empire in the period before the 1800 was like most other kingdoms and empires that existed in Africa. It was monarchical in nature, based on the not too easy to run principles of checks and balances.

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