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  1. Definition of Pressure Group
  2. Types of Pressure Groups
  3. Characteristics of Pressure Groups
  4. Modes of Operation of Pressure Groups
  5. Functions of Pressure Groups
  6. Differences between Pressure Groups and Political Parties


Definition of Pressure Group

A pressure group can be defined as an interest group which seeks to pursue its aim by influencing government to make decision that will provide favour for its members. It can also be seen as a group of people who share a common interest and they put pressure on government, in order to realize their aim. Pressure groups do not attempt to take control of government. In other words, pressure groups attempt to influence the policies of the government through pressure or persuasion, but do not attempt to feed their own candidate for election under their table. Therefore, pressure groups are more interested in the physics of government and not in capturing government.

The Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), the Nigeria Chambers Of Commerce (NCC), the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), are all pressure groups.

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