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  1. How to Prevent Military Intervention in Government

How to Prevent Military Intervention in Government

The military can be discouraged or prevented from intervening in government through the following:

  1. The rulers and the ruled should comply with the provisions of the constitution.
  2. There should be peaceful resistance to any attempt at imposing any form of military administration on the people.
  3. Military rule should be outlawed in the constitution.
  4. All elected officials should display the attributes of good leadership.
  5. Political education should be carried out to sensitise the masses and the armed forces on the merits of democracy.
  6. The judiciary should be independent, courageous, free and fair in the performance of their duties.
  7. Bribery, corruption and financial mismanagement shbuld be eliminated from public service and offenders should be exposed and punished according to the law.
  8. Politicians should not interfere with the affairs of the military, and members of the armed forces should not openly or secretly belong to political parties.
  9. Civilians should reject political appointment from the military.

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