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  1. Printer’s Correction Signs
  2. Proof Reading
  3. Manuscript – Longhand


Printer’s Correction Signs

Proof reader’s mark also called printers correction signs are marks used when amendments have to be made in typewritten or handwritten work of which fair copy is to be typed. These marks indicate problems in the text and suggest solutions. Correction marks come in two ways which is abbreviations and abstract symbols. Below are some correction signs.

Proof Reading

This is a process whereby a good typist checks and carefully read the document typed to ensure its error free.

Proof reading stands for:

P – Practice your proof reading skills

R – Re-read if necessary

O – Only be satisfied with perfection

O – One error not corrected is too many

F – Find and correct all errors

R – Refer to the dictionary often

E – Erase neatly and completely

A – Always proof read

D – Divide words properly.

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