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  1. Procedure For Voting
  2. Importance Of Election


Procedure For Voting

The procedure for voting are as follows:

  1. The first step is to register all eligible voters before the actual election and also revise those registers.
  2. Next is to fix the date of the election.
  3. Appointment of ad-hoc staff to be used by the electoral commission. Those officers must be well trained.
  4. Posting of these electoral officers to the different locations where they will serve.
  5. Pasting of posters of the Electoral Commission at the various places for enlightenment purposes.
  6. Distribution of electoral materials to the various stations.
  7. The actual voting will commence at the various stations.
  8. The final thing is the counting of vote and declaration of election results by the returning officer.

Procedure for Voting in Nigeria

Voting and Counting of Votes

Importance Of Election

The importance of election in the political life of a nation cannot be overemphasized.

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