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  1. Definition of Public Corporations
  2. Types of Public Corporations
  3. Reasons for Setting Up Public Corporations
  4. Functions of Public Corporations
  5. Examples of Public Corporations
  6. Organizational Structure of Public Corporation
  7. Comparison of the Organizational Structure of Public Corporation with that of the Civil Service
  8. Types of Control of Public Corporations
  9. Reasons for the Control of Public Corporations
  10. The Problems of Public Corporations
  11. Solutions to the Problems of Public Corporations


Definition of Public Corporations

Public corporations are government owned establishments and enterprises established through the acts of parliament or statutes, decrees or edicts to provide essential social and welfare services to the people. Public corporations are owned by the government but managed by board of directors appointed by the government.


Types of Public Corporations

There are two main types of public corporations:

  1. Those providing essential services like water corporations, Power Holding Company of Nigeria, Federal Housing Authority and Nigeria Ports Plc.
  2. Those of commercial nature like state owned banks, hotels, textile mills, insurance companies and transport services.

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