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  1. Definition of Republicanism
  2. Features of a Republican Government
  3. Resource Control in a Republican Government
  4. Differences between Republicanism and Monarchy


Definition of Republicanism

A republican government is the form of government in which the people are governed by their elected representatives and not by hereditary rulers.

A republican government is a sovereign state headed by an elected president for a fixed term of office. Examples of republican government are presidential and parliamentary systems. In 1963, Nigeria became a republic with an elected Head of State called President. Other republican states include USA, USSR, France, Ghana, Liberia, Senegal etc.

The term republicanism is derived from the term republic. A republic is a country that is governed by elected representatives of the people and led by a president who takes charge of the affairs of a country for a stipulated period.


  1. Enumerate resource control in monarchical government.
  2. Outline five features of monarchy.
  3. What is Republicanism?


Features of a Republican Government

The following are the features of a republican government:

  1. In a republic, political offices are competed for in elections.

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