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Meaning of Sight Singing

Sight singing involves the ability to sing any music score at sight.

“Sight-singing” simply means singing a piece of written music – at first sight – without the aid of any other instrument.  It’s a special skill that both singers and instrumentalists can develop, by training with one of several sight-singing techniques.  Two of the most widely used sight-singing techniques are called “Solfege” and “Tonic Solfa”.


Techniques of Sight Singing

(i) Good knowledge of the lines and spaces of the staff.

(ii) Identification of the key of the music.

(iii) Identification of the time signature.

(iv) Knowledge of the note values and their duration.

(v) Pitch accuracy of the notes.

(vi) Identification of the tonic, the highest and the lowest notes.

(vii) Identification of change of key (Modulation/Transposition)

Additional exercise for the students.

Sight singing - solfa and staff - Jolly old St Nicholas



  1. What is sight singing.
  2. Write two advantages of tonic solfa
  3. Write two disadvantages of tonic solfa.

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