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  1. Meaning of Space Travel
  2. Purpose/Advantages of Space Travel
  3. Dangers of Space Travel

Space Travel - Yuri GagarinYuri Gagarin

On April 12, 1961, the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin blasted into orbit. He was the first person in space and completed an orbit of the Earth before landing. This photograph was taken just before lift-off.

Meaning of Space Travel

Space travel is traveling from the earth to outer space. Space is the environment surrounding the earth, moon and other planets. Human beings are able to go to space and spend days and months using a space rocket called space shuttle. Space travels are expensive to run.

On 21st July, 1969 Neil Armstrong an American was the first person to step on the moon. He was followed by Edwin Aldrin, also 2 other Americans, Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt who stayed for about 74 hours and 59 minutes on the moon surface. Space travelSpace Travel

For hundreds of years, people dreamed about traveling to outer space. The invention of huge rockets made space travel a reality. An astronaut first went into space in 1961 (A Russian, Major Yuri Gagarin). Only eight years later, astronauts landed on the Moon. Since then, people have continued to explore space.

Space travel - Rocketing to spaceRocketing to Space

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