1. Speech Work: Vowel Sounds /i/, /i:/, /æ/ and /a:/
  2. Comprehension: Mac
  3. Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Agriculture (Fishing)
  4. Structure: Nouns – Nouns and Determiners/Articles
  5. Writing Skills: Narrative (Writing Introductory Paragraphs)

ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Vowels /i/,/i:/; /æ/,/a:/

Introduction to Vowels /i/ and /i: /

The vowels /i/ and /i: / are monophthongs. Monophthongs are single vowel sounds. They are used in contrast with the word diphthong, which literally means a “double sound” in Ancient Greek. Another term for monophthong is pure vowel.

Description of the Vowel /i:/

This is a long, front, close, spread vowel sound. It is produced by keeping the front of the tongue for some time at a height very close to the hard palate and at the same time keeping the lips loosely spread.

Features of Vowel /i:/

The phonetic symbol of the sound represents the sound of the following underlined letters in their respective words.

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