1. Speech Work: Consonants /k/, /g/, /s/ and /z/
  2. Comprehension: Oliha’s Embarrassment
  3. Vocabulary Development (Words Associated with Home and Family)
  4. Structure: Nominalization of Verbs
  5. Writing Skills: Letter Writing – Semi-Formal Letters (Language)


ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Consonants /k/, /g/, /s/ and /z/

Consonant /k/

This consonant, which is a voiceless velar plosive, has many spelling symbols as shown below:

‘k’ – king, keep, kit.

‘c’ – cat, cap, catch.

‘cc’ – account, accuse, accost.

‘ch’ – chemical, chemistry, school.

‘q’ – queen, liquor, quack.

‘ck’ – back, lack, peck.

‘x’ – anxious, six, axe.

The sound can occur at the initial, medial and final positions as shown below:

The ‘k’ is usually not pronounced before ‘n’ at the beginning of words like ‘know’, ‘knot’, ‘knock’, ‘know’, ‘knight’, ‘knee’, ‘knowledge’, ‘knit’.

Consonant /g/

This consonant, a voiced velar plosive, has the following spelling symbols:

‘g’ – get, gum, gut, dog, leg, sag, tug, mug.

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