1. Speech Work: Consonant Clusters (Two Consonants in Initial Position)
  2. Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with the Human Body System and Functions
  3. Reading Comprehension: Reading for Main Gist – ‘A Journey for Resumption’ (NOSEC, pages 4 -5)
  4. Structure: Noun Phrases (Features, Forms, Positions and Functions)
  5. Writing Skills: Expository Writing – (Format and Style) ‘Managing Population Explosion in Nigeria’
  6. Summary: Practical Approach to Writing a Good Summary (Introduction)

ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Consonant Clusters – Two Consonants in Initial Position

Definition of Terms

A consonant cluster is the occurrence of at least two consonants at the beginning or end of a syllable. A syllable is a unit composed of consonants and vowels or syllabic consonants. A syllable is the smallest pronounceable unit of speech. It has three parts: a beginning or release, a centre or nucleus, and the end or arrest/closure. Only consonants occur at the beginning and at the end of a syllable. Vowels are the main sounds of the centre of the syllable.

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