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  1. Speech Work: Unstressed Vowel – Initial Position
  2. Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Sports – (Athletics)
  3. Reading Comprehension: Reading to Summarize an Argument – ‘The Origin of Examinations’ (NOSEC, pages 34 – 35)
  4. Structure: Pronouns Types, Functions and Usage (Demonstrative, Relative, Reciprocal and Indefinite)
  5. Writing Skills: Letter Writing – Formal Letters – Apology (Guided Writing)
  6. Summary: Exercise – ‘Why Buildings Collapse’ (NOSEC, page 66)

ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Unstressed Vowel – Initial Position

Definition of Unstressed Vowel

A stressed vowel is one that is said with more energy, is no longer, and is more prominent. There is no better way than to use examples (the stressed syllables are written in capital letters).

In most cases, the stressed vowel is also on a higher pitch, which means that the tone is higher. However, a higher tone does not always guarantee a stronger, stressed vowel. We have been talking about stressed vowels, which are strong and prominent.

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