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  1. Speech Work: Identifying Syllables
  2. Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Commerce and Industry
  3. Reading Comprehension: Reading for Critical Evaluation – ‘Ecosystem on the Planet’ (NOSEC, pages 130 – 131)
  4. Structure: Phrasal Verbs (Three-word Phrasal Verbs)
  5. Writing Skills: Narrative – (Guided writing) Narrate an experience you have had which illustrates the saying, ‘Honesty is the best policy’;
  6. Summary: Exercise – Use any WAEC/NECO summary question.

ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Identifying Syllables

Definition of Syllable

A syllable is the smallest possible combination of consonants and vowels that we can pronounce.

Different languages have their own types of syllables. A syllable is determined by the arrangement of consonants and vowels. There are three parts to a syllable: the release (beginning), the nucleus (the centre/middle or peak) and the arrest.

Types of Words According to Number of Syllables

Just as consonants and vowels combine to form syllables, so are syllables combined to form words.

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