1. Speech Work: Speech Skills – (Rhyme)
  2. Comprehension/Vocabulary Development: Preservative Prefixes
  3. Structure: Adjuncts
  4. Writing Skills: Free Writing
  5. Summary: Summarizing in a Specified Number of Words

ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Speech Skills – Rhyme

Meaning of Rhyme

When two words or syllables end with the same sound, they are said to rhyme. E.g. star and are, day and away, puff and rough. They are commonly found in poetry than in prose.

Rhyme builds rhythm, momentum and memory.

Speech Skills - Rhymes

Short rhymes can be very effective in foundational phrases in your presentations. Think of a foundational phrase as a “slogan” for a point you want people to remember. It can even summarize your main points. Use ending rhymes with caution. If you have more than 2 sentences ending with rhyming words, it can start to sound like a nursery rhyme.

However, you can use suffixes that rhyme to create a sense of parallelism, which enhances memory.

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