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  1. Speech Work: Stress – (Contrastive and Emphatic Stress)
  2. Comprehension: General Guidelines (NOSEC. Pages 2-3)
  3. Summary: Exercise (NOSEC. Pg. 20)
  4. Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Culture (Institutions)
  5. Structure: Noun Phrases (Functions)
  6. Writing Skills: Expository Essay (Use WAEC/NECO questions)


ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Stress – Contrastive and Emphatic Stress

Introduction to Contrastive and Emphatic Stress

The study of stress in the pronunciation of English words shows that some words are stressed while others are not. However, every English word may be stressed for special reasons- such as to achieve or stress a particular meaning. When this happens, it is called contrastive or emphatic stress. A simple way to demonstrate this is to play around with a sentence and vary its meaning by changing the position of emphatic stress in it.


  • That is the boy that bought a car.

In a normal stress situation, the words: That, boy, bought, and car takes the stress.

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