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  1. Speech Work: Consonant Contrasts /t/, /d/ and /id/
  2. Comprehension: Exercise (NOSEC. Pg. 86)
  3. Summary: Exercise (NOSEC. Pg. 87)
  4. Vocabulary Development: Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions
  5. Structure: Phrasal Verbs
  6. Writing Skills: Articles for Publication in the National Magazine (Use WAEC/NECO questions)


ASPECT: Speech Work

TOPIC: Consonant Contrast /t/ and /d/ and /id/

Description of the Consonant Sounds /t/ and /d/

The consonant sounds /t/ and /d/ are called alveolar plosives. The sound /t/ is voiceless while /d/ is voiced.

CLASS ACTIVITY: Pronounce those words in pairs.

EVALUATION: Write down ten words with the sounds /id/. Example: beg + ed= begged


ASPECT: Comprehension

TOPIC: Exercise (NOSEC. Page 86-)

REFERENCE TEXT: Banjo et al (2014) New Oxford Senior English Course for Secondary Schools Book 3 Ibadan: University Press PLC.

CLASS ACTIVITY: The educator guides the students as they read the comprehension passage.

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