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Different Aspects of Rescue Operations

Different aspects of rescue operations include:

  1. Securing the environment
  2. Vehicles and
  3. Victims


Steps Involved in Environmental Rescue Operations

The following are steps involved in environmental rescue operations:

(i) Working area must be established to be safe in order to prevent injury to self and others.

(ii) Organized standards and procedures should be put in place to prevent movement of vehicles during access of people and people are also restricted to move or cross the express roads.

(iii) Hazards should be minimized during the rescue operation to prevent injury to self or others.

(iv) Scene management procedures should be followed in accordance with organizational procedures and legal requirements.

(v) The violent scene is prepared to facilitate the prompt and safe rescue of casualties.


Steps Involved in Vehicles Rescue Operations

(i) Access plan are determined in consultation with team leader and medical staff.

(ii) There must be procedures to be implemented to protect the casualties from further injury or pain during access and removal.

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