1. Background to the 1963 Republican Constitution
  2. Features of the 1963 Republican Constitution
  3. Merits of the Republican Constitution
  4. Demerits of the Republican Constitution


Background to the 1963 Republican Constitution

Like other previous constitutions, the 1960 constitution has its defects. After Nigeria’s independence two years later, political crises began to rear its ugly head in the Western Region.

In the Western region, crises eventually led to the split of the Action Group into two factions, the one led by Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and the other led by his deputy, Chief Samuel L. Akintola. However, there was a general consensus of political opinion, especially among all the political parties, that every trace of external interference in the political affairs of Nigeria by the monarch in Britain be wiped out. Thus, a constitutional conference was held in Lagos on 2th and 26th July, 1963. It was also resolved that the Privy Council in Britain be replaced by the Supreme Court of Nigeria as the final and highest court of the land. All these finally led to the 1963 Republican constitution of Nigeria.

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