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  1. Formation of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)
  2. Objectives of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)
  3. Sources of Finance for the ACN
  4. Achievements of the ACN


Formation of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), formerly known as Action Congress (AC), is a classical liberal Nigerian political party formed via the merger of the Alliance for Democracy, the Justice Party, the Advance Congress of Democrats, and several other minor political parties in September 2006. The faction was led by Chief Bisi Akande. At the Kaduna convention by ballot; Bisi Akande succeeded Hassan M. Zurmi as National Chairman, and Bashir Dalhatu replaced Bumi Omoseyindemi as National Secretary.

The party controls Lagos. It is regarded as a natural successor to the progressive politics more closely associated with Action Group and UPN led by Chief Obafemi Awolowo in the First and Second Republics respectively. However, criticism of the party’s more pragmatic and less ideological political outlook associated with AG and UPN, has made many argue it is less of a worthy political heir.

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