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  1. Formation of the Alliance for Democracy
  2. Organizational Structure of the Alliance for Democracy (AD)
  3. Sources of Finance for the Alliance for Democracy (AD)
  4. Objectives of the Alliance for Democracy (AD)
  5. Performance and Achievements of the AD


Formation of the Alliance for Democracy

The Alliance for Democracy (AD) was registered as a political association mainly by APP members who were dissatisfied with the broad membership of the APP leadership at the time.

The leadership of the Alliance for Democracy were mainly from the people / politicians who maintained vociterous opposition to the Abacha rule, under the aegis of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO). They included Abraham Adesanya, Bola Ige, Chuckuwemeka Ezeife, Arthur Nwankwo, Tanks Solanke Onasanya, Adebayo Adefarati, Ayo Opadokun, Yusuf Mamman and Bassey Ekpo Bassey.

AD was one of the mire political associations that were registered by INEC to contest the December 1998 local government elections. The party came third behind the PDP and APP. It won many seats during the state houses of assembly and national assembly elections in 1999.

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