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  1. The French Colonial Administration
  2. Principles and Structure of the French Colonial Administration
  3. The Policy of Assimilation
  4. The Reforms of 1956 Known as the Loi-Cadre in the French Colonies
  5. The Policy of Association


The French Colonial Administration

The French colonial administration was a sharp contrast to that of the British. While the British authorities used indirect rule system while the French authorities used direct rule system known as the policy of assimilation and later changed to association. They were in control of the following territories in West Africa- Senegal, Ivory Coast (Cote d’ivore), Dahomey (now Benin Republic), Niger, Guinea and Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso).

France established a loose federation of her colonies with headquarters in Dakar, Senegal and appointed a governor general resident in Dakar to supervise the activities of the federation.


Principles and Structure of the French Colonial Administration

  1. The governor general: The governor general governed Senegal from Dakar and exercised authority over the other four colonies each of which had a governor.

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