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  1. Formation of the GNPP
  2. Structural Organization of the GNPP
  3. Sources of Finance for the GNPP
  4. Aims and Objectives of the GNPP
  5. Performance or Contributions/Achievements of the GNPP


Formation of the GNPP

The GNPP was formed by Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim who was a foundation member of NPP he left NPP as a result of NPP chaos over the posts of party chairman and presidential candidate and formed the GNPP. Alhaji Waziri Ibrahim the author and advocate of politics without bitterness became the national leader and the presidential candidate of the GNPP. The party was formed in 1978.


Structural Organization of the GNPP

The party at the national level had the following organs:

  1. The congress
  2. The convention
  3. The executive committee
  4. The working committee

Of all these, only the congress was not replicated at the state level where, in place of the convention there was a conference.

At the local government level was:

  1. The general meeting
  2. The executive committee
  3. The working committee

At ward or district level was:

  1. The general meeting
  2. The executive committee.

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