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  1. The Positive Impacts of Colonial Administration in Nigeria
  2. The Negative Impacts of Colonial Administration in Nigeria


Colonial administration in Nigeria and West Africa has both positive and negative impacts.

The Positive Impacts of Colonial Administration in Nigeria

The positive impacts of colonial administration in Nigeria include the following:

  1. Introduction of Modern Ideas of Government: The political culture of liberal democracy is introduced. The people now have certain opportunity of writing down their constitution. The introduction of elections through the ballot and the changes from monarchy to republicanism is a result of colonialism.
  2. Development of civil service: The civil services of the colonies were developed and made uniform with those of the colonial masters.
  3. Development of political parties: Many parties were established as a result of the introduction of elective principles. These political parties also championed the struggle for independence.
  4. Introduction of money currency and establishment of banks: This replaced trade by barter and the cumbersome currency of iron bars and cowries in 1912, the first silver coins were introduced by the British and the West African currency Board set up to supply currency to British West African colonies.

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