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  1. Introduction
  2. What Led to the Kaduna State Executive/Legislature Crisis?



After the 1979 election into Kaduna State House of Assembly, the NPN won 68 out of 99 seats; PRP won 12; GNPP 10; NPP 6 and UPN 3 seats. The most challenging aspect of this crisis was the governorship election which the People’s Redemption Party won through Alhaji Balarabe Musa.

What Led to the Kaduna State Executive/Legislature Crisis?     

Balarabe Musa on assumption as the governor of Kaduna state effected great changes in the state administration geared towards the betterment of the lot of poor, much to the disapproval of the rich conservatives of the state. He abolished community tax and cattle tax and also abolished the emirate councils, transferring their duties to a council of chiefs constituting of chiefs and ordinary citizens, thus widening participation in decision making. In order to use the instrument of a committee to address complaint over land ownership and compensations there from, he stopped the processing and issuance of certificates of occupancy concerning lands within the state.

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