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  1. The Origin and Formation of the NCNC
  2. Organizational Structure of the NCNC
  3. Sources of Finance for the NCNC
  4. Leadership and Membership of the NCNC
  5. Objectives and Ideologies of the NCNC
  6. Successes and Failures of the NCNC

The Origin and Formation of the NCNC

In 1941, the boarding students of King’s College, Lagos were asked to leave their hostels for soldiers and move to an indecent accommodation in the city they reported to the government but nothing was done. A strike was embarked upon and 75 of the students expelled and eight were conscripted or forced into the military service.

In June 1944, the Nigerian Union of students (NUS) called a mass meeting of the Glover Memeorial Hall, Broadstreet, Lagos to consider the immediate organisation of a nation-wide committee to address the exploitation of and discrimination against Nigerians by the British.

The meeting was presided over by Herbert Macualay. A new association called the National Council of Nigeria emerged and Herbert Macualay was elected as the president while Dr.

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