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  1. Origin or Formation of the Nigeria Advance Party (NAP)
  2. Organizational Structure of the NAP
  3. Sources of Finance for the Nigeria Advance Party (NAP)
  4. Aims and Objectives of the NAP
  5. Performance, Achievements or Contributions of the NAP


Origin or Formation of the Nigeria Advance Party (NAP)

The Nigerian Advance Party (NAP) was not registered in 1978 by FEDECO for the 1979 elections because it failed to meet FEDECO conditions for registration. It was later registered on 25 May 1982 to contest the 1983 general elections. The party had ‘change radical change’ as its watchword, believing a revolution was needed to solve Nigeria’s myriad problems. A Lagos lawyer, Tunji Braithwaite was founder, party leader and presidential candidate. Other prominent leaders of the NAP included Eweka Onyemelukwe, USman Girei, Dare Omobayo, Joseph Sodirenye, Uba Mohammed, Musa Salami and Reuben Kutok.

The NAP contested only sixteen out of nineteen governorship seats and won no election at the state of Federal level. It however succeeded in raising the awareness involved young men and women in politics.

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