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  1. Formation of The Nigeria Youth Movement (NYM)
  2. Organizational Structure of the NYM
  3. Sources of Finance for the NYM
  4. Aims and Objectives of the NYM
  5. Achievements and Problems of the NYM


Formation of The Nigeria Youth Movement (NYM)

The NYM was formed by Lagos nationalist led by Ernest Ikoli, H.O Davies, Dr. J.C Vaughan and Samuel Akinsanya in 1934. The party was first called Lagos Youth Movement by 1936 other Nigerian from other parts then changed to Nigerian Youth Movement. The movement acquired national outlook as other prominent Nigerians joined from other parts of Nigeria, for example, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe. It was the first authentic Nigeria nationalist movement.


Organizational Structure of the NYM

  1. NYM had a congress/convention as part of its organisational structure.
  2. It had a national executive committee headed by a president.
  3. It also had branches established in some urban areas throughout Nigerian and a committee of the twelve to prepare for the 1938 elections.

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