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  1. Formation of the Northern Peoples Congress (NPC)
  2. Organizational Structure of the NPC
  3. Sources of Finance for the NPC
  4. Leadership of the NPC
  5. Party Ideology
  6. Achievements and Shortcomings of the NPC
  7. The Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU)


Formation of the Northern Peoples Congress (NPC)

In 1949, a cultural organization known as the “Jamiyyar Mutanen Arewa” was formed. The original purpose of this organization was to enlighten the people of Northern Nigeria. Soon after its formation the leaders of the organization saw urgent need to make it a political one. In 1951, it changed its name to Northern Peoples Congress and became a political party. The emergence of the NPC was a reaction against the alleged threats of the domination of the North by the southern politicians.


Organizational Structure of the NPC

The party was only open to natives of northern region. It did not seek support from any other part of Nigeria. The following structures existed; National Executive Committee (NEC).

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