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  1. Formation of the SDP and NRC
  2. Structural Organisation of the SDP and the NRC
  3. Sources of Finance for the SDP and the NRC
  4. Objectives (Manifestos of the NRC)
  5. Objectives (Manifestos of the SDP)
  6. Performance (Achievements) of the SDP
  7. Performance (Achievements) of the NRC


Formation of the SDP and NRC

The military government headed by General Ibrahim Babangida came to power in 1995. By 1986, the government set up a transition programme which was its process of handling power over to civilians, politicians. After the failure of the associations that applied for registration the government set up the National Republican Convention (NRC) and social Democratic party (SDP) in 1989.

The main reason for establishing the two parties was to bring government closer to the people at the grassroots, socio economic mobilization, and which would establish a platform for new leadership and give equal rights and opportunities to all Nigerians to participate in the political process. The two system was also adopted to curtail the intra-party conflicts and alliances.

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