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  1. The State
  2. The Nation
  3. The Relationship between a State and Government

The State

The Meaning of State

A state may be defined as an organized group of people living permanently in a defined geographical area with a sovereign government. A state may also be defined as a body of people with a legitimate government which has total control over its territory without external interference. Therefore, a state in this context does not imply sub-components of a state such as Delta, Edo, Lagos, etc., as we have in Nigeria. However, the U.S.A, Germany, Nigeria, Ghana, Britain, etc., are examples of states.

The Characteristics of a State

Below are some features of a state:

  1. Comprehensive authority: This implies that the state has power to impose unconditional sanctions within its jurisdiction.
  2. Inescapability of membership: No citizen of any state can be excluded from membership of the state.
  3. Definite territory: A state must have a defined territory with internationally recognized external boundaries.

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