SS2 Agricultural Science Scheme of Work for Third Term





  • Revision of work done in the previous term(s)
  • (a) Meaning of Environmental Physiology
  • (b) Effects of Changes in Climate such as
    (i) Temperature;
    (ii) Relative humidity;
    (iii) Light;
    on growth, reproduction, milk production, egg production, etc.
  • (a) Meaning of Livestock Management
  • (b) Requirements for Livestock Management
    (i) Disease control
    (ii) Housing
    (iii) Feeding
    (iv) Hygiene, etc. (Poultry, ruminants and non-ruminants.
  • (c) Importance of these Management Practices
  • (d) Livestock Production Project
  • (a) Meaning of Animal Nutrition
  • (b) Classification of Feeds
    (i) Basal/Energy Feeds or Carbohydrate
    (ii) Protein Concentrates
    (iii) Mineral/Vitamin Supplements
    (iv) Roughages
  • (c) Sources and Functions of Food Nutrients
  • (d) Types of Ration/Diet and their Uses; Components of a Balanced Diet
  • (e) Causes and Symptoms of Malnutrition and their Correction in a Farm
  • (a) Meaning and Importance of Rangeland/Pasture to Livestock
  • (b) Characteristics of Rangeland – Contains high quality grasses and legumes, etc.
  • (c) Common Grasses of Livestock in Rangeland
  • (d) Factors Affecting the Level of Production of Herbage
  • (e) Methods of Rangeland and Pasture Improvement
  • (a) Basic Economic Principles
    (i) Scarcity
    (ii) Choice
    (iii) Scale of Preference
    (iv) Law of Diminishing Returns
  • (b) Factors of Production
    (i) Land
    (ii) Capital
    Labour – Characteristics and Classification (iv) Management or Entrepreneur
  • (a) Meaning of Farm Manager
  • (b) Functions of Farm a Manager – Planning, coordinating, etc.
  • (c) Problems of Farm Managers
    (i) Inadequate farm
    (ii) Inadequate information about sources of inputs
    (iii) Government policy, etc.
  • (a) Principles of Demand
    (i) Definition of Demand
    (ii) Law of Demand
    (iii) Factors Affecting Demand
    (iv) Movements along the Demand Curve
    (v) Shifts in the Demand Curve
  • (b) Principles of Supply
    (i) Definition of Supply
    (ii) Law of Supply
    (iii) Movement along the Supply Curve
    (iv) Shifts in the Supply Curve
  • (a) Price Support
  • (b) Price Control
  • (c) Subsidy Programmes  and their Effects on Agricultural Production
  • Revision of work done in the current, as well as previous, terms

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