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  1. Meaning of Tourism
  2. Tourist Centres in Nigeria
  3. Justification for Tourism
  4. Importance of Tourism
  5. Problems of Tourism in Nigeria


Meaning of Tourism

Tourism can be defined as an industrial organization of natural resources for recreational purposes.  It can also be defined as the process which involves the visiting of people to places of interest where they can relax, derive pleasure and entertainment. 

The places where such people visit are called tourist or resort centres, while the person who visits such places is called a tourist.  


Tourist Centres in Nigeria

Major tourist centres in Nigeria include:

  1. The game reserves e.g. Yankari Game Reserves (Bauchi State) and Borgu Game Reserves (Kwara State).
  2. The Kanji Dam site at Jebba, Kwara State.
  3. The Bar beaches of Lagos, Lekki and Badagry.
  4. The National Theatre, Iganmu in Lagos.
  5. Some important five star hotels like Sheraton Hotel (Lagos and Abuja), Nicon Noga Hilton Hotel in Abuja, Durban Hotel at Kaduna and Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos.

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