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  1. Definition and Meaning of Tourism
  2. Forms of Tourism
  3. Advantages and Benefits of Tourism
  4. Problems of Tourism and Solutions
  5. Factors Favourable (that Promote) to Tourism
  6. Disadvantages of Tourism


Definition and Meaning of Tourism

Definition of Tourism

The Advanced Learners Dictionary defines tourism as a business activity connected with providing accommodation, services and entertainment for people who are visiting a place for pleasure. Tourism is one of the activities that aid trade. It belongs to the hospitality industry, covering entertainment and accommodation which is aimed at providing centers for pleasure and indirectly facilitating trade and promoting the economy.

Meaning of Tourism

The term tourism refers to travel for recreational leisure or business purposes. It is the practice which involves the visiting of people to places of interest where they can relax, derive pleasure and entertainment. Tourists are people who travel to stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than a year.



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