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  1. Meaning of Trade Associations
  2. Aims and Objectives of Trade Associations
  3. Functions of Trade Associations
  4. Chamber of Commerce
  5. Differences between Trade Association and Chambers of Commerce


Trade Associations

Meaning of Trade Associations

A trade association is an association of traders or producer, firms or companies or professionals who deal on the same line of trade or business in order to protect and develop their common interest in order to protect and develop their common interest.

Examples of Trade Associations

The following are examples of trade associations:

  1. Garri Dealers Association
  2. Yam Dealers Association Dealers
  3. Motorcycle Dealers Association
  4. Bicycle Spare Parts Dealers Association
  5. National Association of Road Transport Workers
  6. Manufacturers Association of Nigeria
  7. Nigerian Medical Association
  8. Nigerian Bar Association.
  9. National Union of Teachers

Aims and Objectives of Trade Associations

The aims and objectives of trade associations include the following:

  1. To maintain professional ethics of their line of trade
  2. To ensure that members provide good quality services
  3. To create uniformity in the way their members deal with people.

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