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It refers to the process of converting a piece of music from one system of notation to another. For example, a piece of music can be transcribed from staff notation to solfa notation and vice versa.

This exercise is also called ‘Translation’.


Factors to Consider in Efficient Transcription

(i) The key of the given music and the key signature.

(ii) The time of the music through the time signature.

(iii) The Clef involved [Treble or Bass].

(iv) The musical notes and their values [Duration in Beats].

(v) The number of bars involved.

(vi) The accurate positions of the notes on the staff.


Transcription From Staff to Solfa

Using the above guidelines, let us transcribe the music below to solfa notation.

Transcribe to solfa, Key C major, 2/4 time;

Transcription from staff to solfa

Here the key of the music is C major, the time is 2/4 [that is two crotchets in a bar], the clef involved is Treble.

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