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  1. Types of Grazing
  2. Farm Animal Improvement


Types of Grazing

1. Rotational Grazing

This is a system whereby the pasture land is divided into small plots called paddock

2. Continuous Grazing

This is the system whereby livestock are allowed to graze a pasture land throughout the season without restriction.

3. Zero Grazing

Zero grazing or Stall feeding means cutting of fresh forage and feeding either in the fresh or processed form to the animal in the house or in a pen.

4. Strip Grazing

Strip grazing is a grazing management system that involves giving livestock a fresh allocation of pasture every couple of hours or each day. It is usually organised within a paddock grazing system and the animals are controlled by the use of an electric fence. It can be used to efficiently graze crop residue.

Types of Grazing - Strip Grazing

5. Controlled Grazing

Controlled grazing is the management of forage with grazing animals. It limits access to grazing by subdividing pastures with permanent and temporary fences.

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