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Uses of Wood

Wood is used in the following areas:

  1. Furniture making for homes and offices – woods are used to make beds, tables, chairs, cabinets and other pieces of furniture in homes
  2. Building construction – wood is used to construct windows, doors, door frames and window frames. We also use wood for the ceiling and roofing of houses, wall paneling, and industrial and offices purposes.
  3. Industrial Building – many industries are made of wood or have wooden parts.
  4. Construction of Joints – many joints are made of wood. A good example is the staircases in our homes
  5. Packaging – crates, pallets, packaging cases etc.
  6. Transport industry – the bodies of some Railway wagons, coaches, lorry and sleepers are made of wood.
  7. Bridges and Poles – Most farm bridges and bridges across the roads in villages are made of wood. Also, some electric poles and railway.
  8. Pulp and Paper – Exercise books, textbooks, newspapers, magazines are made from pulp and paper derived from wood.

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