1. The Meaning of Values
  2. The Kinds of Values
  3. The Types of Values
  4. Honesty


The Meaning of Values

Values can be defined as the worth, merit or esteem which a person, individual or group of people in the community or society has for things and ideas generally. It can also be seen as the precepts, moral principles, ideas, and beliefs we hold and cherish as important, meaningful and worthwhile, which must neither be abused nor despised. For example, when someone says, “I value my life” or “I value my certificate”, it simply means that such a person cherishes or loves his life and his certificate. Values are therefore what is actually valuable or good, as opposed to what is regarded as valueless or worthless.

The Kinds of Values

There are two natural kinds of values. They are:

(i) Intrinsic values:

These are the values that are expected of every citizen because they mould the destiny of individuals and the nation. They are internalized norms, ideas and ideals which the families, schools, churches, mosques, different societies and government make efforts to instill in individuals and citizens.

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