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  1. Production of Wood Materials, Timber Growth and Felling.
  2. Methods of Transporting Logs.
  3. Conversion of Wood.
  4. Seasoning of Wood.
  5. Calculating the Moisture Content in Wood
  6. Properties of Good Timber Preservatives.
  7. Common Timber Defects


Production of Wood Materials, Timber Growth and Felling

Wood is one of the oldest materials in technology. It is composed of cellulose, lignin and other minor materials such as starch, resins, wax and gum. When closely observed, wood is seen to be made up of tiny thread-like units called fibers.

Wood is classified as either hardwood or softwood. The older the tree, the bigger it becomes. When the trees become mature, it is felled by the use of axe or chain saw and sliced into standard market sizes for different purpose in furniture making and construction of buildings.

Hard Wood

These are got from deciduous tree. They have broad leaves and their seeds are enclosed in cases. Some examples include Mahogany, Afara, Opepe, Abura, Omo, Agba, Sapele, Oak, Jarrah and Teak.

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