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  1. Definition of Word Processing and Word Processor
  2. Examples of Word Processors
  3. Features of Word Processors
  4. The Word Processing Environment
  5. Using MS Word 2007


Definition of Word Processing

Word processing is the preparation of documents such as letters, reports, memos, books or any type of correspondence on a computer.  In other words, Word processing is the creation, formatting, production and printing of texts using the computer.

Definition of Word Processor

A word processor is an application package that allows you to do word processing. It is a software package that enables a computer user to create, edit, print, and save documents for future retrieval and reference.

Examples of Word Processors

There are several word processor packages. They include:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Lotus
  • Word Pro
  • Open office
  • Ability write
  • Word Pad
  • Word Perfect
  • AmiPro
  • KingSoft
  • WordToGo
  • QuickOfficeWord

Although these word processors are created and sold by different companies, they possess many similar functions.

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