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The Teachers’ Reward Concept (TRC) is a brainchild of the Classhall.com project.

It is commonplace to hear people say that the teacher’s reward is in heaven. While this cliche typically alludes to the fact the teacher is mostly underpaid and unappreciated for the noble work they do in impacting lives and building generations, teachers deserve better pay and should be appreciated and celebrated.

At Classhall.com, we believe that to improve the standard of education in Nigeria the social and financial profile of the teacher needs to be improved as well, since motivated and dedicated teachers make smart and successful students.

Why We Created the TRC

Our goal at Classhall.com is to bring premium quality education to the palms of every student through personalized smart learning methods with the use of bleeding edge educational technology. There is no way we can do this without the collaboration of classroom teachers who continue to play the major role in teaching and shaping the thoughts and lives of their students, regardless of whatever instructional technologies are at the disposal of the students.

How it Works

TRC is a simple, dual-benefit idea. Teachers introduce their students to our smart learning technology. Students sign up and gain access to the best smart learning platform in the industry and ultimately gain academic success. Teachers earn a steady passive income for referring their students to use our platform.

Income earned by teachers is based on a percentage commission of the first subscription fee paid by the referred student. Earnings can be monitored in real time on the Dashboard of the TRC. Payouts are made into the bank accounts of Teachers on the last day of every month, provided the Teacher is able to have a balance of at least ₦1,000.00 (one thousand naira) as at the last day of the given month.

How to Apply

To apply for the Teachers’ Reward Concept, interested applicants must first register a useraccount on this site. After activation of account, applicant must apply for the Teachers’ Reward Concept using this form.

After submission of the form, the application will be manually reviewed and successful applicants will be contacted and granted access to the TRC Dashboard where they can start earning.

How to Earn on the TRC

Earning in the TRC is done by sharing a link to subject, subject bundle or other purchasable educational resources on the platform on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Each link shared contains the unique referral ID of the Teacher who shares it, and so when anyone interested in it clicks on the link and end up subscribing for the resource, the Teacher gets a percentage of the total subscription fee instantly in their dashboard. Teachers can also directly register their students or anyone they wish to refer to ensure that the subscriber actually uses their link.

The referral is credited to the last person who promotes the resource. In simple terms, if for instance, Teacher A introduces the platform or resource to his students but does not convince them to subscribe, and Teacher B succeeds in convincing the student to subscribe, and the student eventually subscribes using Teacher B’s link, Teacher B gets the referral, since it was his link that converted the student to a subscriber, even though the student was first introduced to the platform by Teacher A.

The percentage commission is 20% of the total subscription fee per student. The percentage increases as the Teacher gains more reputation on the site through valuable contributions in the form of article submissions and provision of solutions to students’ questions, which help the Teacher earn points and reputation that eventually convert to higher commission rates.

We have added a few screenshots below to give prospective applicants a glimpse into what it looks like to join the TRC and earn descent income without breaking a sweat.

NOTE: The screenshots were made before commencement of the programme, hence the data shown are not actual data.

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