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  1. A rocket of mass m is fired from the Earth’s surface such that it just escapes from the Earth’s gravitational field. If R is the radius of the Earth and g the acceleration of free fall due to gravity, the escape velocity of the rocket is expressed as
  2. A mass of the earth is 6.0 X 10<sup>24</sup>kg and that of the moon is 7.0 X 10<sup>22</sup>kg. If the distance between them is 4.0 X 10<sup>8</sup>m, calculate the force of attraction between them. (G = 6.70 × 10<sup>-11</sup>Nm<sup>2</sup>kg)
  3. The magnitude of gravitational attraction between the earth and a particle of 40N. If the mass of the particle is 4kg, calculate the magnitude of the gravitational field intensity of the earth on the particle.
  4. The magnitude of a gravitational force between two particles 0.010m apart is 10N. If the distance between them is increased to 0.02m, calculate the magnitude of the force.
  5. The acceleration due to gravity may be defined as the force
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