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Examination malpractice is an action that is unethical and is not in consonance with the rules and regulations guiding the supposed examination body. In recent times, examination malpractices have taken different forms and dimensions and this has a damaging effect on ab individual, the educational sector and the nation at large. Just before you engage in examination malpractice, take the following into considerations.


Contrary to what you are probably being told, a good reputation is more valueable than money. The image you project to the world matters more than anything and this could come in handy in dire situations where a testament is required for an elevation.

Engaging in examination malpractice is putting your reputation at stake and when caught, you will always be seen as a lazy and corrupt individual who succumbed into gimmicks to have a means to an end. It takes a whole lot of hard work and time to repair a damaged reputation; it is best not to toil with what you’ve built over the years.


Research has proven that reading develops brain capacity. You can develop your critical thinking and creative abilities by engaging in intensive and extensive reading. Examination is one sure platform that should propel you into intensive study and reading.

When you opt for examination malpractice instead of intensive reading, it cripples and renders dormant your brain and this may have adverse effect on your future. In being a responsible adult, once outside the learning environment, your critical thinking and creative abilities come in handy. In everything you do in life, you will be more appreciated and respected when you bring a smart and workable brain to the table.


There will always come a time when you will be called upon to defend your grades. With the increase in corruption and malpractices of all forms, employers of labour and benefactors of all kinds are becoming increasingly selective of their employees or beneficiaries. The series of test as in oral and written interviews especially as it relates to getting a job is one way employers of labour have been able to screen out the “goats” from the “sheep”.

It is however very shameful when one is unable to at least defend what his or her grade represents or demands. This inadvertently will lead to the loss of that opportunity and the debasement of everything that individual represents and the institution he or she graduated from.


One of the most agonizing ways to go through life is having doubts about your abilities and lacking the needed confidence for an enjoyable life.

Engaging in examination malpractice would rob you of the knowledge of your capabilities; until you try, you won’t know what you are capable of doing or not doing. It is far better to try and keep getting better at your work than not try at all.

You could become that very confident individual you’ve always envisaged when you’ve developed your intellectual abilities to the point that it commands respect from those around you.


Society has enough problems to tackle and adding you to it is really not in your best interest. Producing half baked graduates who are unable to lift high the intellectual banner of a country amongst other nations of the world is not only demeaning but frustrating. Having to engage in more crimes like bribery and corruption, to cover up your intellectual laxity does more harm than good to the society; its implications are terrible and cancerous to the society. The tension and anxiety that comes with the thought of being caught could lead you to depression. It is better to get it right from the outset by studying hard and keeping your hands clean so as to ensure a healthy society and a healthy you.

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Naomi Unuane

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Naomi Unuane is an Elocution expert, a political analyst, motivational speaker and a freelance writer. She loves reading and writing.
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