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The Strange DUET

When all our songs are sad and grim
And our hearts are sore with grief
I lift my voice and sing aloud
A song sincere but not of hope
It heralds the manifestation of that
Which for so long has been hoped for
A song not of promise
But of a promise fulfilled

Oh how the people stare at me
And wonder at my strange DUET
She must be mad they say aloud
For the act is incomplete
Amidst uncertain hazy chats
My voice grew louder and louder still
I saw all glares but worried not
For deep within their cloak of awe
I caught a gleam, A starry gaze
Through tired eyes it graced my song
Like a star kissed Niger River
On a clear November Night.

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KayVee Whebson Shaks

KayVee Whebson Shaks

KayVee Whebson Shaks

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