Sometimes, when I watch Nat Geo Wild, I am left speechless. The vivid pictures of the struggle to the death for life and absolute control, amongst animals, is intriguing and wrapped with the realities of the world we live in.

These documentaries, reflect the ‘adapt or die’ system of the animal kingdom; in this kingdom, survival is the reward of only the fittest. Those of the savage tribe are merciless; with that prima-donna gait, and a pride which favours their intimidating mien, they go after their prey, relentlessly.

The biggest and strongest animals, aren’t always the fittest. Being the fittest, has little to do with savagery, or strength. The fittest are those, who have chosen sensitivity, over numbness. In their quest for security, and a deep desire for survival, they have become responsive to change, by grooming necessary tools and insights, for adaptations.

This survival of the fittest or ‘adapt or die’ rule, finds expression, even in the human race. It is reflected in the unhealthy rivalries and cut-throat competitions; the indiscriminate killings and warring of two factions; the deep and time-consuming research work; the technological discoveries and every minute details which brings about necessary advancement or mastery for a form of control. The world powers of every dispensation and age, are those who went the extra mile to getting these necessary adaptations, for survival.

The nation of Israel, is a perfect illustration of the ‘adapt or die’ system. Here is a tiny nation, hated by the majority, and encircled by enemies – pushed to the wall, by those who had the intention of erasing them from world map, the Jews, fought tooth and nail, for survival. Theirs was a desperate struggle, one borne of an awareness of a possible, gruesome future and extinction, if desperate measures were not embraced.

Aside their investment in true education, social and technological advancement, they crowned it up with the true spirit of patriotism or nationalism. Their most important tool for survival is oneness, birthed from the womb of patriotism. With patriotism, so many ills and vices, including corruption, which desecrates a nation, are curbed. They did it, they adapted to rule and all over the world, today, the Jews are respected.

With this in mind, my heart quaked, when I watched the onslaught, dehumanization and desecration of our people, in South Africa.

The South Africans were daring, malicious, audacious and fearless in the way they treated Nigerians. They are not ignorant of the fact that, in this struggle for survival and supremacy, we are mere preys, who can be desecrated, without a repercussion in sight. I bet that this same South Africans, would think twice before lifting their hands on an American, or a Jew. Their knowledge of our helplessness, gave them the needed power to act in such despicable manner. Indirectly, they sent a dangerous intelligence to the world, of how we can be treated.

My heart bleeds because deep down, within me, I know we are going to rant about this, sweep it under the carpet and go on with our lives; we won’t sit down individually and collectively to marshal out strategies on how we can adapt in a world, where we are fast becoming the targeted and most wanted. The name “Nigerian” has become synonymous with everything criminal and despicable; this alone, has stripped us of the dignity that accords the necessary protection of our lives.

An average Nigerian, is ignorant of the power of true patriotism. We believe that patriotism should only be recorded amongst those, who lack the needed opportunity to abscond to saner climes. We are so enthusiastic to be treated as second-class citizens, who could lose their lives, in split seconds. For real, everyone desires and deserves a saner clime, but the crime of totally turning your back against the place of your birth, is unforgivable. There are always repercussions.

For our negligence, and lack of basic understanding of the world we live in, our siblings are paying, in these so-called saner climes, with their blood, freedom, confidence and lives. Ask them, it is not easy being a Nigerian, even in the most receptive and friendly of nations. You’ve got to go the extra-mile. In most cases, you are simply an unwanted guest.

It is my heart-cry, that we would learn to become more!

It is my dream that, we would get adaptations of patriotism and integrity; a heart for true development and commitment to nation’s advancement.

It is my aspiration that we would develop these adaptations, which would introduce our generation, to the kingdom of the untouchables and the circle of the fittest.

Until we strive to become more, we may eventually go extinct, someday.


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