Monday NWANCHOR Ekoyo asked 8 months ago

What roles do the road safety club play in the socialization of youths?

1 Answers
Fayo OlaFayo Ola answered 8 months ago

I think the primary role of the road safety club in the socialization of youths is to inculcate in them road safety culture with a goal to potentially minimize the problem of road traffic accidents.
They also assist in instilling road safety ideals and practices to complement the efforts of members of the FRSC.
The overall idea of the road safety club is to groom young ones to be safety conscious from a very young age so that when they attain the legal age at which they can drive, they will be safer on the highway.
By the way, road safety is not only for those who drive. There are other road users such as motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, hawkers, etc. They need to be road safety conscious too.

The Roles of Road Safety Club in the Socialization of Youths

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