DiscussionsCategory: Basic ScienceHow does heat energy get to the earth?
Aanu OlaAanu Ola asked 3 years ago

How does heat energy get to the earth?

BENITA DAVIDBENITA DAVID replied 3 years ago

heat gets into the earth, by means of the sun which provide solar energy.

lucy eduoralucy eduora replied 3 years ago

Energy is transferred between the Earth’s surface and the atmosphere in a variety of ways, including radiation, conduction, and convection. Conduction is one of the three main ways that heat energy moves from place to place. The other two ways heat moves around are radiation and convection.

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Muna IhugbaMuna Ihugba answered 3 years ago

heat energy gets into the earth through the sun which can then be transformed into other forms of energy

UJU UBAUJU UBA answered 3 years ago

Heat energy gets to the earth through radiation.

Karen NwachukwuKaren Nwachukwu answered 2 years ago

Most of the electromagnetic radiation that comes to the earth from the sun is invisible. … Most of the solar radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere and much of what reaches the earth’s surface is radiated back into the atmosphere to become heat energy.

Paula NwannadiPaula Nwannadi answered 2 years ago

Through the sun 🌞 e

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